Research Problems and Directions in Semantic Web

Winter 2019
Instructor: Raghava Mutharaju
IIIT Delhi

Ontology Modelling

  • Automatically building ontologies with complex relations
    • Given a dataset (text, tables, excel sheets), competency questions, and list of ODPs, can we (auto/semi-automatically) build ontologies that can answer the competency questions?
    • This is called as Ontology Learning
  • Automatic refactoring of ontologies with ODPs
    • Rebuild large (bulky) ontologies with ODPs
    • Can we make the bulky ontologies more modular by replacing pieces of the ontology with ODPs?
    • The "intent" or the behaviour of the modular ontology should be the same as the original ontology
    • The modular ontology should answer the same competency questions as the original one
  • Extracting ODPs from large ontologies
    • There are several large ontologies that may have similar patterns and can be extracted to form an ODP
    • Ontologies have to be analyzed and common structures have to be identified

Description Logic Reasoning

  • Approximate Reasoning
    • Reasoning over highly expressive and/or very large ontologies is time consuming
    • Approximate Reasoning is about sacrificing either soundness or completeness for better reasoning runtime

Ontology Alignment

  • Given two ontologies, what are the different entities that are similar to each other?
    • Concepts
    • Properties
    • Instances
  • Ontology Alignment Evaluation Initiative (OAEI) provides benchmarks for alignment

Knowledge Graph Construction

  • Extraction of triples (instance data) from text
  • There are some popular automatically constructed KGs
    • DBpedia
    • Never Ending Learning (NELL)
    • YAGO
    • Knowledge Graphs from Google, LinkedIn, Amazon, eBay
  • Open Information Extraction tools such as OpenIE, ClausIE, FRED, Stanford OpenIE etc. can be used for getting triples from text

Knowledge Graph Embedding

  • Entities and relations in a KG are represented as vectors
  • This enables us to perform vector operations on KGs
  • Similar to word embedding
  • KG embedding is useful in a variety of applications
    • Knowledge Graph Completion
    • Question Answering

Question Answering using Knowledge Graphs

Semantic Web and IoT

Making Semantic Technologies user friendly


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